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Civic Association, Inc.

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Annual Member Meeting
Monday March 8th, 2021
7:30 p.m. via Zoom

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PROPOSITION #1 – Director Candidate Biographies

Laura Holder and her family (husband Craig and sons Brett, 24 and Scott, 22) have lived in Huntwick for over 20 years. Craig works at DEY Optical and enjoys his tennis league friends.  Laura has worked in the oil and gas industry most of her IT/Project Management career and is currently with EPMA, a project management consulting company which provides project management staffing, consulting, and training.  She enjoys her work and has applied her skills to helping Huntwick and the Beautification Committee.  In the past two years, the seven member Beautification Committee achieved the following:  writing home and garden articles for the Herald; refurbishing the Glen Erica gas lights; refurbishing the brick monuments; refurbishing the holiday decorations; decorating for 4th of July and Christmas; maintaining the flower beds; and selecting the Yard of the Month.  If re-elected, Laura has more great ideas planned for the new term.  She enjoys working outside in her gardens and decorating, and would love to continue to make Huntwick a wonderful place to live. 

Van English has served the Huntwick Civic Association as Deed Restrictions Director almost continuously since 2012.  His initial four-year tenure saw the number of deed violations in Huntwick drop from 189 violations on 98 properties to 16 violations on 11 properties, reducing the overall percentage to 2% of the 832 Huntwick properties.  In addition, his tenure has seen some long-troubled properties rehabilitated, instilling greater awareness of our deed restrictions and enhanced pride in our neighborhood.  Over the past three years, Huntwick has continued to maintain a 98% or better rate of deed-restriction compliance under Van’s direction of the Deed Restrictions Committee.  The number of legal cases has been reduced to two (2), which are currently in the process of resolution.  His previous civic-association experience includes six years as founder and president of the Northwest Place Neighborhood Association in Irving (Dallas), Texas, and three years as vice president for covenant enforcement of the Mountain Park Community Association in El Paso.  Van is a freelance writer-editor by profession and serves also on several committees at Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church in Houston.  He is founding board member emeritus of the Chester Street Foundation, which supports survivors of childhood trauma.  Van and David, his spouse of 21 years, have proudly resided in Huntwick since 2011, and Van would be honored to continue serving our beautiful neighborhood. 

Mark Norman and his wife Alice have lived in Huntwick for over 15 years.  He has been serving as Maintenance director for the HCA since October 2020, filling a vacancy from the previous Director. Mark worked for National Oilwell Varco for 22 years, taking an early retirement in August 2019.  Prior to living in Houston, he and family lived in Austin and Midland.  Alice and he have been married 30 years and have adult children with accompanying grandchildren.  They have loved Huntwick from the start and have not lived anywhere else in Houston.  Mark and Alice are here to stay, as they are in the middle of a major remodel and it is Mark’s pleasure to serve Huntwick. 

Jeff Handojo and his wife Christie have been Huntwick residents since 2010. They have three children, all of whom attend Cypress Creek High School, and are part of the Huntwick Patriots Swim Team.  Jeff has served on the Board the Huntwick Civic Association since May 2017, starting as the Intercommunity Relations Director before being elected as the Treasurer in March 2018.  In addition, Jeff previously served as a director of HCWCID #116 (the water board) from 2015 to 2020 and is the current President of the Huntwick Patriots Swim Team.  It has been an absolute privilege for Jeff to serve the neighborhood and all the families of Huntwick and he is hopeful to be able to continue for another term on the Civic Association.

PROPOSITION #2 – Capital Improvement to Flower Beds

Currently our flower beds located by the 13 brick entry monuments are overgrown, sparse, and in
some places non-existent. Huntwick entries provide the first impression to our neighborhood and
should be well-manicured, healthy, and full of color. The Board of Directors of Huntwick Civic
Association, Inc., recommends the following $26,000 Capital Improvement Project to be paid from
existing reserve funds:

1.  (8) Refreshed bed locations (2-Bermuda Dunes, 1-Coral Ridge, 2-Barons Bridge, 2-GlenErica, 1-Champion Forest)
             a. Expansion of beds: raised beds, flagstone, additional soil
             b. Refresh plants
             c. Expand color beds on Champion Forest and Strack
             d. Mulch
             e. Adjust lights and irrigation
2. (5) new bed locations (2-Verdant Way, 2-Olympia Fields, 1-Bibb)
             a. New beds
             b. New plants
             c. Mulch
             d. Adjust irrigation

PROPOSITION #3   2021 – 2022 Operating Budget

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Eligibility – Every homeowner in Huntwick is a Member of Huntwick Civic Association, Inc. Only one vote per household will be counted.

Methods of Voting:

By Absentee Ballot:  You may submit your absentee ballot to Maribeth Sklenka, HCA Secretary, at 5410 Crown Colony before 6:00 p.m. on Monday, March 8th, 2021. (Meeting Rescheduled for this date due to weather) 

By casting your vote via absentee ballot you will forgo the opportunity to consider and vote on any action from the floor on these proposals, if a meeting is held.  This means that if there are amendments to these proposals your votes will not be counted on the final vote on these measures.  If you desire to retain this ability, please attend any meeting in person.  You may submit an absentee ballot and later choose to attend any meeting in person, in which case any in-person vote will prevail.

Electronic Ballot: You may submit your ballot electronically by (1) visiting the website www.huntwickforest.com/hf-2021-election/, (2) completing the electronic ballot, and (3) submitting the ballot.  

Electronic voting will end at 6:00 p.m. on Monday March 8th, 2021.  

In Person:  In person voting will take place during the Huntwick Annual Meeting at the designated time.  Those wishing to vote in person will be placed in a Zoom breakout room and provided further instruction. 


By Proxy – You may assign your proxy to any Huntwick homeowner in attendance at the annual meeting.  If you wish to execute your proxy, DO NOT complete this ballot. 

Please complete your ballot for Propositions #1, #2, and #3 and complete the signature block.  ALL BALLOTS MUST BE SIGNED TO BE VALID.

Please note that any modification to the ballot, other than a valid floor nominee for a Board of Directors position, nullifies the ballot.

Please note that due to the virtual nature of the Huntwick Annual Meeting, ballots may not be left at the Huntwick Clubhouse.

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