2021 Holiday Decor Winners

The Holiday spirit was definitely back in Huntwick this year!   There were so many houses that were beautifully decorated for the Holidays, we lost count.  Also, we really appreciated the past winners continuing to step up their game!  To further spread the Holiday cheer, the Beautification Committee scoured the streets of Huntwick, on Sunday, December 5th, to find the most festive houses and we were not disappointed!  

Best Traditional Home Award – the right amount of lights and decor to have a stunning and beautifully decorated home/yard!

  • ​Winner: 5514 Westerham – Katie Maxwell & Veso Kossev  (pictured above)
  • Honorable Mention:   5618 Hampton Ridge – Rick & Cecilia Gravesmill
  • Honorable Mention:   5507 Fountainbridge – Fred & Erin Loucks
  • Honorable Mention:   5222 Royal Walk – George & Linda Stringer

Best Whimsical Home Award – décor that catches the child’s eye and imagination!​

  • Winner: 5226 Royal Walk – Gerald & Nancy Figueroa  (pictured above)
  • Honorable Mention:   14026 Court of Regents – Page & Anne Greenwood
  • Honorable Mention:   5614 Court of Lions – Carlos & Aubrey Monzon

Best Door Award – best door and porch area to welcome guests for the holidays!​

  • Winner:  5410 Westerham – Ben and Connie Dyer (see attached picture)  
  • Honorable Mention:   5203 Westminister – William MusharbashHonorable
  • Mention:   13511 Charwell Crossing – Brett Robinson 

Griswold Award – lots of lights and/or over-the-top decorating ​- the most festive!

  • Winner:  13623 Foxmoor – Jules and Anne Green (pictured above)
  • Honorable Mention:   13607 Balmore – Lynette Gronewold & Tim Brown

Best Block Award – all/most of the houses decorated and in the spirit!​

  • Winner: Graystone – 5100 block in the Estates (pictured above)

To all who decorated their homes this Holiday season, thank you so much for making Huntwick beautiful!Happy Holidays and see you in 2022!

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