Concerning the Security Gating


I think it is time to address some of the questions, concerns, and rampant innuendo regarding the proposed privatization and gating of Huntwick. As your president, I have remained off-line with my opinion and will continue to do so; however, for now I would like to clarify in simple terms the position of the HCA and our duties as a Board of Directors.

First and foremost, the Huntwick Civic Association Board of Directors is and always will be a neutral body. Our volunteer responsibilities include serving at the pleasure of the residents of our subdivision, using our governing documents and retained legal counsel as guides. We do our best to act in the interests of our neighbors when it comes to situations both public and private that can significantly influence their lives. It also needs to be pointed out that we are governed by Articles of Incorporation. We as a Board cannot unilaterally proceed with any capital-improvement project without exhaustive discussion, followed by a special called meeting with written notice given to each resident no less than 15 days in advance.

The concept of gating a community of our size is monumental and takes an incredible amount of research and fact-finding. Our neighbor, Barbara Hodge, at the invitation of the Board, volunteered to take on this mantel of responsibility more than a year ago. As you can imagine, the collection of data necessary to formulate an accurate presentation is by no means an easy task. At our most recent monthly board meeting, Barbara explained that she has much data and budget information to share. We, as a board, will be most happy to review this information and determine if there is sufficient data to present in an open meeting[C21] of the HCA membership.

There are two other issues that must be addressed separately as it pertains to this project. First, the purchase of the clubhouse and common grounds from HCWCID #116 and second, the acquisition[C22] of the streets from Harris County—two equally monumental tasks. Each one of these topics must be addressed individually, with their own posted meeting and capital-improvement election. So, to assume that the HCA can run this by the 833 residents and homeowners of Huntwick in short order is far from reality.

In closing, I will reiterate that the Huntwick Civic Association Board of Directors has not acted, cannot act, and will not act outside the governing Articles of Incorporation within which we work. All projects big and small initiated by our residents will be reviewed and acted upon within legal and feasible boundaries. We both welcome and appreciate our residents’ continued interest in improving our neighborhood for another 50 years.


Joel Moore
Huntwick Civic Association