Huntwick Home & Garden Webinar

Thank you all for attending the Beautification Committee's secondHuntwick Home and Garden webinar!

Bobby Lieb (President and CEO of HNWCC) did a fantastic job giving us a history of the chamber of commerce, discussing the Cypress Creen Management District, and providing an update on what is happening in our area.  

After about a 15-minute technical delay, we had a great presentation and discussion, so it was worth the wait!  It was really interesting to hear about how this organization is looking after our safety, business revival, and updating the 1960 corridor (between 45 and 249).  

Everything matters when it comes to improving the surrounding area and keeping our property values up!

If you have any ideas/interests for the Huntwick Home and Garden Webinars, please send them to:

Laura Holder – Beautification Committee