Recycling Information for Special Terms

There were questions about automobile battery disposal at the last HCA meeting, so here are some options for those and items in general that cannot be thrown away with normal trash or put in your recycling bin, if you are using a recycling service.

The most convenient way to dispose of items is by calling Champions Industries, 281-587-1960, and ask them what the charges are for the items to be disposed of. They will come by and pick up. F you are using another recycling service, you might call them and ask as well.

If desired, you can also use a Harris County disposal site.  For batteries specifically, use this link:

For other item, like paint, use this link:

Note that the site above requires an appointment, but you should not have any problem. 

Also, note that paint that is completely dried out can be thrown away as normal trash.  If you have a can that has more than you want to wait on (to dry out), you can fill it with kitty litter to cover the paint and let the kitty liter do its work.  Once absorbed, they can be thrown away.

I will also mention that these Harris County sites offer the service at no charge to residents, so be sure you have a valid ID to prove where you live.

If you are reading this in the paper version of the Huntwick Herald, then you can also go to so you can click on the links without typing them in.

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