Huntwick Garden Fairy

~Flowering Shrubs For The Fall~

Dear Happy Huntwick Gardeners,

With fall officially here and hurricane season over, so many of us are spending more time outside. November is an ideal month to think about sprucing up flowerbeds and landscaping. Trees and shrubs get a great start when planted in the fall. Our South Texas climate, with warm soil temperatures and cooler air temperatures, enables new plantings to grow twice as fast the following spring. What can I plant in November, you ask?

Dwarf and small shrubs are ideal plantings for this time of year. Need some ideas? Visit the Texas A&M Agrilife page for a complete list of recommended shrubs for our region here:

Once your research is complete, and you are ready to plant, here are some tips, compliments of the Home Depot Garden Center:

1. Pick the right plant for the right spot. Take into consideration sun, shade, and how much space the mature plant will need.

2. Dig a hole 3-4 times as wide but no deeper than the container. You want to make it easy for the roots to grow outward.

3. Fill the hole with water and let it drain.

4. Ease the plant out of the pot. Gently loosen roots, being careful not to damage them.

5. Set the plant in the hole so the place where the trunk meets the roots is at the soil line — not too high and not too deep. Spread the roots out.

6. Fill halfway with soil and lightly tamp to eliminate air pockets. Replace the remaining soil and tamp again.

7. Build a shallow saucer of soil with a 3” lip around the perimeter of the hole to contain water.

8. Water gently and deeply.

9. Mulch around the plant, keeping the mulch away from the trunk. Do not mound mulch like a volcano. It can kill the tree or shrub.

10. Water regularly the first year.

Once all your planting is complete, sit back, sip a nice hot chocolate or iced coffee, and admire your work!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yours truly,
The Garden Fairy
Maintaining your yard and home takes a lot of hard work and a little magic! 
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