February’s Yard of the Month goes to Barron and Cindy Frith at 5610 Mount Royal.  This lovely well-planned and well-maintained lawn has definitely earned Huntwick’s recognition!

It’s important to note how good this yard looks in the middle of winter. They have many flowering plants, of which none are currently blooming, and yet the yard still looks fantastic! The Frith’s wisely chosen plants thrive in all of Houston’s seasons.  Their landscaping design makes use of a wide variety of plants, planted in layers to give a lush, full look.  Starting at the curb, the companion beds around their mailbox and gas light have low-growing dwarf pittosporum and pink “first love” dianthus.  On the left side of the house, in front of the bay window, there are beautiful Japanese holly ferns, flax lilies, Everillo lime green grass, and some Christmas berry shrubs.  Moving towards the center, mirror-image beds on either side of the walkway include wonderful wood ferns, purple salvia, purple fountain trailing skullcap, and dianthus; and then coral drift roses, backed up by hydrangea, abelia, and camellia right next to the house.  A path connecting the walkway with the driveway runs behind the bed around the water oak, which has pretty hostas, ruellia, tri-colored ginger, and salvia, with bat-faced cuphera closest to the driveway.  Lastly, in front of the bay window on the right, they have gorgeous mounds of blue plumbago, Japanese holly fern, and flax lilies.  Quite an inspiration and a sight to see!


Thank you, Cindy and Barron, for keeping Huntwick beautiful.


—  Kim Miller and Peg Owen, Beautification Committee