[UPDATED 7/16] Trash and Debris Pick-up Information


As many of our residents have had their power turned on, we are hopefully able to start the clean-up and restoration process. Though we can’t comment on remaining power outages, some board members have received updates that the final portion of Huntwick should have power restored sometime around the 16th, so there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!

As we begin to recover from the effects of the hurricane, we wanted to remind you of the current guidance on garbage and debris pick-up, as well as share resources provided by Precinct 3.

Normal Garbage Collection

As many noticed last week, Champions Industries resumed normal trash pick-up. They will be resuming their Monday & Thursday pick-ups. As a reminder, they will prioritize household garbage pickup, then moving to bagged lawn waste and finally any remaining wood bundles. However, as many people have multiple bags of garbage and there is only so much space for garbage, it may take several trash pick-ups to take away all the garbage. Here are some helpful guidelines for our normal trash pick-up service:

  • Each trash collection day, CI will collect up to six containers of trash designed to hold forty pounds or less. Additionally, CI will collect up to eight lawn bags or branch bundles.
  • All branches and tree trimmings are restricted to maximum diameter of three inches per branch, must not exceed four feet in length, and must be securely tied in bundles not weighing more than forty pounds per bundle.
  • “Bulk items” are small pieces of furniture, washers, dryers, water heaters, stoves and appliances which are properly tagged with “Freon Removed” where applicable.
  • Should you have any questions regarding our trash or recycling services with CI, please contact Mark Norman at  713-208-3427 (or) E-mail: maintenance@huntwickforest.com 
  • You can also contact CI, directly at 281-587-1960 (or) by E-mail at: customerservice@championsindustries.com
  • View a full list of the trash and recycling guidelines here.

Precinct 3 Debris Removal

With so many trees, limbs, fenceposts, and more to dispose of, the county is providing some removal of items. Please see this helpful guide to ensure your debris gets picked up. The county will pick up the following categories of debris:

  • Vegetative Debris
    • Leaves (unbagged)
    • logs
    • Plants
    • Tree Branches
  • Construction/Demolition Debris
    • Building Materials
    • Carpet
    • Drywall
    • Furniture
    • Lumber
    • Mattresses
    • Plumbing
  • Appliances
    • Air Conditioners
    • Dishwashers
    • Freezers & Refrigeratiors
    • Washers & Dryers
    • Stoves
    • Water Heaters
  • Electronics
    • Computers
    • Radios
    • Stereos
    • Televisions
    • Other corded devices

The county WILL NOT pick up normal household garbage, bagged debris, or Household Hazardous Waste (paint, oil, chemicals, batteries, etc.)

Please separate and stack/pile all debris for the county to pick up at the end of your yard before the curb. Please DO NOT stack or pile the debris in the road. This could be dangerous for drivers, prevent electric crews or emergency services from navigating our roads, cause Champions Industries from getting to your garbage cans, or lead to clogging our storm sewers. Please don’t stack or lean debris against gas lamps, mail boxes, fire hydrants, or trees, as the county will not pick up any debris stacked in this way.
For additional guidance, please refer to this document.

UPDATE: County Provides Additional Details

Do you have questions about debris collection? We’ve got answers! Here are some quick tips to get your debris cleared efficiently:

  • Sorting is key! For efficient debris removal, follow the debris separation guide below. The precinct will pick up vegetative, construction, and demolition debris, including fences.
  • Team up with your neighbors. The bigger the pile, the faster the pickup. Piling debris together reduces collection stops.
  • City residents should call 311 for more information regarding debris removal operations. 

Did you bag your debris? No worries!

  • We will pick up clear bags of debris.
  • If you used black bags for your debris, simply remove the contents and place them loose at the curb for collection. Remember, black-bagged debris won’t be collected with disaster debris.
  • Alternatively, set the black bags aside for regular trash pickup. Check with your HOA and trash company to verify accepted materials and bag limits.

Remember, crews are making at least three passes through your area, so don’t fret if they miss you at first!

White goods, electronics, and appliances will require proof of registered storm damage for pickup.

Debris Drop Off Locations

The county has opened debris drop off locations if you choose to haul away the debris. They can be found here:

Thank you for your patience. We understand this has been a trial for all of us, so please stay safe, help your neighbors, and follow the above guidelines to ensure that we can get all the trash and debris removed and keep Huntwick beautiful!

Trash Collection Service – Possible Delays


Champions Industries has shared with us their plans regarding Hurricane Beryl. If tomorrow’s weather may endanger the crews, they will not be collecting trash on Monday, July 8th. They will resume pick-up as soon as it is safe to do so.

If your trash does not get picked up Monday, please be patient. We understand the pickup schedule was delayed due to the July 4th holiday and many may have extra bags after the holiday festivities. Hopefully the storm will pass quickly and Champions Industries will be able to get their crews out soon to collect garbage.

Thank you for your patience. Please remain safe and follow the weather reports to stay up to date with the current directives.

POSTPONED: Huntwick HCA Regular Board Meeting – July 9th, 2024

HCA Members,

Though we had planned to host our monthly HCA Board meeting this evening, the Board has decided to postpone this month’s meeting due to the after-effects of Hurricane Beryl. With many residents without power, internet, or reliable cell service, it is difficult to have a fair and open meeting in our community at this time, even virtually.
Please continue to watch your email for updates. We hope you and your families are staying safe. In this time of need, if you see a neighbor that needs some extra help, we hope you’ll extend a neighborly hand so we can all get through this together!

Huntwick Fourth of July Festivities!

Celebrate America's Independence with Huntwick’s Fourth of July Festivities!

We’ve got plenty of ways for you to celebrate this July 4th, from our annual Yard Decorating Contest, the Parade, and the neighborhood festival!

July 4th Decorating Contest

To celebrate Independence Day, the Huntwick Beautification Committee is hosting the Decorating Contest again this year. With categories like All-American, Americana, Freedom, Sparkler, Uncle Sam, and 1776 Patriot, we hope you will go all out and show your patriot pride. Judging will take place June 30 and July 1st.

Get started with a Patriotic Bow!

Patriotic Bow Sale

Show off you American pride with a beautiful Red White and Blue gas lamp bow! In Huntwick Forest, our gas lamps are part of the unique character of our neighborhood, and what better way to spruce up your home than with a gold-trimmed patriotic bow!

All bows will be hand delivered, so make sure you include your address when checking out. If you don’t want buy online, you can also pay by check or cash by emailing your order to beautification@huntwickforest.com

Each bow costs $8 and we will be taking orders until June 30th!

Fourth of July Parade and Festival

Great news! The road construction on Balmore Circle and Glen Erica has wrapped up, so we can all line up at the usual spot for the parade! If you’d like to participate in the parade, please meet at the corner of Glen Erica and Balmore on July 4th at 11am. Parade starts at 11:30am, heads down Glen Erica, and ends at the Clubhouse.

Then, join us for our annual Fourth of July Festival at the Clubhouse! The pool will be open, the grill will be sizzling, and there will be plenty of drinks and snacks for everyone to enjoy! Plus, there’ll be some kegs and frozen margaritas for the adults.

The Festival starts at 12pm and will last until 4pm. Parking will be limited, so please plan accordingly.

Volunteer, Get Free Beer (or Margs!)

As everyone knows, our annual Independence Day celebration is quite a party. To make the day a success, we need our neighbor’s help. Please consider volunteering a small amount of your time to help make this event as wonderful as it’s been in years past. 

Shifts are short, so you will have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the festivities. There are even pre and post party opportunities in case you cannot volunteer during the event. Plus, all volunteers get 1 free drink per shift! 

Click on the link below to sign up for shifts:

Volunteers Needed For July 4th Celebration

Join us for Huntwick’s Fourth of July Celebration!

As everyone knows, our annual Independence Day celebration is quite a party. To make the day a success, we need our neighbor’s help. Please consider volunteering a small amount of your time to help make this event as wonderful as it’s been in years past. Click on the link below to sign up for shifts: