Deed Restrictions

All property within each Section (One through Ten) of Huntwick Forest is subject to applicable Deed Restrictions. When you purchased your property, you and all other property owners agreed to abide by the Deed Restrictions. A copy of the Deed Restrictions should have been provided to you by the Title Company as a part of your closing package and/or in the welcome packet delivered by your Huntwick block captain. If you do not have a copy, you can obtain one by contacting the Huntwick Civic Association Board Director in charge of Deed Restrictions (, or you can download a searchable copy and any associated amendments from this Web site.

The Deed Restrictions help maintain the quality of Huntwick by making it a safer, cleaner, and more attractive place to live. Please take time to read them and understand how they affect you and your property. A violation of a deed restriction can cost you money. In Huntwick, we wholeheartedly value and enforce our deed restrictions.

Here are some common deed violations that can be easily avoided:

  • No tree cutting. Trees are not to be cut or removed without the permission of the Huntwick Architectural Control Committee (ACC). Even if a tree appears to be dead or diseased, ACC permission must be obtained prior to its removal.
  • No trash bags/cans/recycling bins visible from the street. Do not place your trash where it is visible from the street. We pay a premium for backdoor trash pickup. Please use it and help keep our neighborhood beautiful. Trash in bags should weigh no more than 40 pounds each. Limbs should be bundled in four-foot lengths and bundles should weigh no more than 40 pounds each. There is no need to take any trash, garbage, or other discards to the street; again, we have backdoor collection. Please have your lawncare professionals observe this by NOT placing leaf and grass bags by the curb.
  • Gas lights should be lit during dark hours. It is required that everyone keep the gas light(s) on and well maintained to help keep our neighborhood lit during the dark hours. The lights are our only source of illumination for the neighborhood and provide security and ambience to the neighborhood. It is permissible to convert the gas light to an electric light of the same style as the gas light, using a Huntwick-approved conversion kit.
  • Single-family use only. All lots are to be used only for single-family residential purposes. Multi-family use is not permitted. Short-term Rentals (AirBnB, VRBO, and others) are not allowed. No lot shall be used for commercial, business, professional, or church purposes.
  • Yards must be maintained. All lots must be kept in a clean, sanitary, and attractive condition at all times. This includes keeping lawn and shrubs trimmed. Owners of corner lots need to confirm that the traffic sight lines are not obstructed by overgrown shrubbery or trees. Vehicles may not be parked on the grass.
  • No signs. No advertisement signs, including contractor signs, are allowed on any common area or lot at any time, except for one real estate sign on the property for sale or lease. Signs are not permitted on our neighborhood stop signs. Please remove any unauthorized signs that you find. Political signs are allowed on YOUR property as long as they are within the bounds set by Section 259.002 of the Texas Election Code.
  • No structures other than a home or garage. No building or structure can be erected on any lot other than your single family home, a detached private garage, and attached domestic staff quarters. This restriction includes tool sheds, storage buildings, play houses, tents, or tree houses.
  • Pools maintained. You must maintain your swimming pool properly. If not, you could be subject to a costly deed restriction penalty and citation/fine from the county health inspector.
  • Pets controlled. Pets must be kept on a leash when outside their backyard. Your pet should not be an annoyance or nuisance to your neighbors. The pet’s owner or handler must collect pet waste. Your neighbor’s yard is not your pet’s restroom.
  • Fences built and maintained properly. Fences on the interior of Huntwick must not exceed 6’6” in height. Fences on the outer perimeter of Huntwick must be 8’6” when re-built.

Please review the Deed Restrictions in their entirety for a full understanding of all issues they cover. The summary above is intended as an aid only. Should you have any questions, contact the Huntwick Civic Association Board Director in charge of Deed Restrictions at .

Architectural Control Committee (ACC) approval is required for all improvements or modifications. Any external improvements or modifications (and internal improvements or modifications, if visible to the public) to your property, including repainting, re-roofing, additions, cutting down a tree, or fencing must be reviewed and approved by the Huntwick ACC prior to proceeding.

Deed Restrictions protect your property values!

Display of Political Signs Within Huntwick

Effective June 18, 2005, the Texas legislature passed HB873, which claims to allow political signs as detailed in the bill. Huntwick continues to encourage residents to NOT display political signs. And, Huntwick requires that any political sign that is displayed strictly comply with the bill. A political sign may only be displayed 90 days before an election and 10 days after an election. Please review HB873 for any additional questions on political signs in Huntwick.