Architectural Control


The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is responsible for granting, or withholding approval of construction plans and specifications on all new construction and on all exterior modifications to existing homes within the subdivision. This includes additions, re-roofing, changing color schemes and similar work. The Committee is also responsible for maintaining and enforcing compliance with respect to quality of materials and harmony of design, and monitoring alterations with respect to topography and finished grade elevation. The purpose of the ACC is to help assure that the beauty and quality that was originally built into Huntwick is sustained, and that the Deed Restrictions are honored as homes are renovated or improved.

Each homeowner who plans any action which affects the exterior of the home is required to fill out and present to the ACC duplicate copies of the application. Of course, the members of the ACC are always available to discuss a project in the planning stages. Over the years, about 98% of the requests for property revisions received by the ACC have been approved, usually as submitted. If work proposed in an application does not comply with Deed Restrictions or other standards, the ACC works with the resident toward finding a mutually satisfactory solution. A project disapproved by the ACC can be appealed to the Civic Association directors.


Sarah Moss: (281) 795-1812
Gary Cofran: (713)515-8187
Lynnette Gronewold :(832) 229-8795
Van English: (972) 795-4257


Building additions, garage conversions, porches, pools, spas, patios/patio covers – Design, materials, location with respect to easements and set-back requirements, avoiding nuisance to neighbors.

  • Re-roofing; repainting; replacing siding, doors, windows – Materials, colors, appearance.
  • New Landscaping projects including outdoor lighting.
  • Replacing driveways, sidewalks, fences – Materials, dimensions, location with respect to easements and set-back requirements.
  • Installing gates, fences, mailboxes, play equipment, satellite discs – Materials, location, appearance, avoiding nuisance to neighbors.


Awnings, contractor signs, advertising, tree cutting except for certain reasons.


Formulate plans and present them to ACC well in advance of when you would like to start the work.

  • Should you have any questions as you do your planning, don’t hesitate to call a member of the ACC.
  • Check the Deed Restrictions rather than relying on contractors or others to know Huntwick standards.
  • Please do not start a project without approval, even if you only plan to repaint or re-roof the same or like you’ve seen down the street. Those colors or materials may have been “grandfathered”, to be changed.
  • Choose your contractor and materials carefully. Small samples or chips can be very misleading.
  • Don’t allow the contractor to place advertising signs in your yard. It is a Deed Restriction violation.
  • Your cooperation and help are very much needed and appreciated by the ACC.