Holiday Trash Pick-up Update

Huntwick Residents:

It has been no surprise that this week, with Christmas on a Monday, and New Years Day a Monday, that there are and will be issues with trash pickup.

We are in contact with Champions Industries (281-587-1960) and they have proactively contacted us as well in what their priorities are.  

  1. Household garbage: The kind that goes bad and lets you know it.
  2. Other yard and lawn waste: And generally waste that will not stink if left.

If they have left behind bags that you think they missed, then their focus is on #1 still. This has happened to everyone, so you’re not alone.

Once the #1 is taken care of, they will start focusing on picking up the yard waste and other items. Yes, there may be some bags still left as Huntwick generates a lot of yard waste from our beautiful trees. (And if you hadn’t noticed, we have had a bumper crop of acorns this year!)

In addition to yard waste, there is something we all (or most of us) use: mail order items that leave behind many, many cardboard boxes. Many. Those may crush nicely, but the weight remains the same and at some point, it’s off to the landfill, which slows collection down.

If you have a Christmas tree (one that used to be alive), you can place that by the curb and it will be picked up.

Otherwise, please follow the normal procedure for our backdoor service so that Huntwick remains a showplace in Houston.

Thank you,

Huntwick Civic Association

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Christmas Yard Decorating Contest

Dig out your holiday lights, wreaths, and reindeer! Every year in December the Huntwick Beautification
Committee encourages residents to get into the holiday spirit with their decor.

Decorate the outside of your house and yard in the most festive and creative manner to compete.
Nominate your neighbors, friends, or your own home by submitting an address to the link below (or
scan the QR code).

Submissions: Accepted until December 7th at 11:59 p.m.
Judging: December 8-10 th from 6 to 9 pm nightly
Winners: Posted on the Huntwick website and announced in the January Herald issue.


  • Best Traditional Home Award The right amount of lighting and decor to have a stunning and beautifully decorated home/yard.
  • Best Non-Traditional Home Award Bring out what you see as joyful, unique. Your favorite holiday
    movie brought to life.
  • Best Lighting Effect Award Lots of light activity. From strings to blowups.
  • Best Whimsical Home Award Decor that catches the child’s eye and imagination!
  • Griswold Award Lots of lights and/or over-the-top decorating- the most festive!
  • Child at Heart Award Joyous and Disney appropriate.
  • Best Door Award Best door and porch area to welcome guests for the holiday!

Huntwick Holiday Bow, Mantel and Luminary Sale!


A Huntwick Forest Tradition!

For over 50 years, Huntwick residents have united on Christmas Eve to continue a time-honored tradition of lighting luminary candles. Thank you for your participation in this tradition that highlights the peace, glow, and joy of the holiday season! In case of inclement weather, luminaries will be lit at dusk on Christmas Day.

If ordering via check, please make checks payable to Huntwick Civic Association and use the order form provided in this month’s Huntwick Herald. Orders must be turned in to your block captain by Friday, November 3rd. Or,  purchase luminaries and bows below. Digital orders will be open until November 6th.

  • Red Holiday Bow – $8/bow — Perfect for your gaslight!
  • Luminaries – $14/box (36 – 15-hour candles, 36 bags, and sand)

All Luminary and Bow orders (online and by check) will be distributed to block captains on Saturday, December 2nd and delivered in the following week. If you missed your opportunity to place an order, you may be able to purchase inside the HRF Clubhouse from 9-11 on December 2nd. However, supplies will be limited, so to ensure you’re able to take part in this holiday tradition, we strongly recommend placing an order through your block captains or the order form below!

We hope you can help continue this great Huntwick tradition!

Online ordering for Bows and Luminaries has been completed. Thank you to all those who plan on taking part in this yearly tradition! Reminder: if you missed the cut-off date for ordering luminaries, you might still be able to pick up a set from the HRF Clubhouse from 9-11am on December 2nd. Supplies will be limited and first come/first served. Happy Holidays!