Holiday Trash Pick-up Update

Huntwick Residents:

It has been no surprise that this week, with Christmas on a Monday, and New Years Day a Monday, that there are and will be issues with trash pickup.

We are in contact with Champions Industries (281-587-1960) and they have proactively contacted us as well in what their priorities are.  

  1. Household garbage: The kind that goes bad and lets you know it.
  2. Other yard and lawn waste: And generally waste that will not stink if left.

If they have left behind bags that you think they missed, then their focus is on #1 still. This has happened to everyone, so you’re not alone.

Once the #1 is taken care of, they will start focusing on picking up the yard waste and other items. Yes, there may be some bags still left as Huntwick generates a lot of yard waste from our beautiful trees. (And if you hadn’t noticed, we have had a bumper crop of acorns this year!)

In addition to yard waste, there is something we all (or most of us) use: mail order items that leave behind many, many cardboard boxes. Many. Those may crush nicely, but the weight remains the same and at some point, it’s off to the landfill, which slows collection down.

If you have a Christmas tree (one that used to be alive), you can place that by the curb and it will be picked up.

Otherwise, please follow the normal procedure for our backdoor service so that Huntwick remains a showplace in Houston.

Thank you,

Huntwick Civic Association

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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